Candice (New Zealand)

As a young girl I witnessed my first belly dancer and was captivated by the impossibly beautiful movements that the dancer displayed. The image stayed with me until eventually I found a Turkish style belly dance studio where I could begin my passionate dance affair. Having no previous dance training, I expected to find it difficult to learn the movements, but from that first class, it was like a glove that moulded perfectly with my body... as if my body was always meant to move this way. My teacher, Marlene, encouraged me to participate in shows and exams to expand on my  aptitude for the dance, and I took part in exams and received Awards from Jewels of the Nile.
Later I joined an Egyptian style belly dance studio, Belly Dance Goddess, where I met Angela Anzilotti who has made massive efforts in the South African Belly Dance scene with the first Middle Eastern Dance festival in Johannesburg, the first Miss Belly Dance South Africa Contest, and brought over many international belly dance stars to South Africa. Angela supported me in becoming an integral part of Belly Dance Goddess as a teacher, performer, and choreographer.
Candice is organizer of Phoenix bellydance in Auckland, New Zealand.


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