Hale Sultan (Istanbul)

Hale Sultan is renowned world class Turkish belly dance master and performing artist. Over the years she gave stage performances all over the world, in numerous cities in different continents. Her belly dance style is exceptionally splendid and fluent, free and passionate, uniquely spiritual, always leading audience to their own imagination and leaving audience in awe and breathtaking delight. Music wise, besides perfectly interpreting classic belly dance music, she innovatively and boldly used belly dance to interpret the music pieces from famous operas and symphonies, and flawlessly integrated these two art forms. In Turkey and Western World, she is known as the innovative successor of Turkish belly dance. She has brought Turkish style belly dance to a new world-class standard and enlightened the world from Turkey, one of the belly dance’s birthlands.
In 2000, she won the 2nd runner up in bellydance competition in Istanbul. As early as in 2003, she has published her debut VCD “Raks-1 Hale Sultan Bellydance”. She also performed in the video of eurovision song contest winner from Turkey with the song title of “All The Way That I Can”. She was in the documentary film” Women Who Dare” and she performed for the DVD of Kackar Sugar of Ski Champion Dominique Perret.
Her solo concerts include “Totally Turkish” and “Turkish delight”. She was also the dancer for Techno Roman project.

She is also a successful world-class belly dance master. She has influenced her students from all over the world with her dance style, inspiring them to master the essence of belly dance – spontaneous improvisation, and innovatively choreograph new dance pieces.
She has given belly dance workshops and performed for the belly dance students in Australia, China, Japan, Korea, USA, Taiwan, Hongkong, France, Portugal, Italy, England, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Dubai, Syria and Qatar. 
Hale Cakir


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