Helene (Norway)
Helene of Norway is one of the leading bellydancers and oriental choreographers in Norway. She is also one of the dancers that make the group Divas of Bellydance, a professional dance troupe that perform for the norwegian elite and tour the contry shocasing arabic, turkish and other oriental dance traditions in a glamourous way. Helene started as an oriental dancer in 1998 performing at all the regular hotspots for bellydance in Oslo, Norway. After teaching in for seven years she opened the doors to Studio Orient, the largest oriental dance studio in Norway, in 2004. She organizes the Oslo Oriental Dance Festival aswell as the only bellydance competition in Norway, Dancer of the Year.
She is currently one of the most media covered dancers in Norway and has made appearances on the first season of the Norwegian So You Think You Can Dance, Charmschool (Sjarmørskolen) and Identity (Hvem er Hvem) on Tv Norge, aswell as the Norwegian "Dancing with the stars" (Skal Vi Danse) on TV2. She has previously worked as a dancer in Turkey and has 20 years experience as a danceinstructor and 18 years experience in oriental dance. Helene works with several other dancers and musicians and is the first bellydancer in Norway to have two oriental music albums dedicated to her dance, "Helenes raks sharki" and "Helenes raks sharki vol 3" by Mustapha Dahir Orchestra. She has also made the first instructional dvd with Norwegian speach, "Magedans med Helene". Helene has performed and given workshops worldwide in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, USA, UK, Turkey 

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