Sophia Kong (Malaysia)

Sophia Kong is a well-known professional belly dance artist in Malaysia. Her innovative style distinguishes her as one of the most sought-after professional belly dance performer in Malaysia. Her dance is soulful, full of emotion, expressive and passionate, her performances are charismatic and captivating. Her soft movements are lively and playful, radiating a strong energy. Her audience loves her interaction as she is affinity and mischievous.

Sophia is specialised in modern/classical Egyptian dance styles. She is also famous for dancing with props especially Argentine Isis Wings. In addition, Sophia is a multi-award winners in Oriental Dance in South-East Asia . She is the winner of 2014 Global Oriental Dance Artists Competition , Belly Dance Asia 2013, Malaysia International Dance Championships 2012 and Malaysia Open Dance Festival 2012. She was invited to perform in many Oriental Dance Festival in Malaysia, Taipei and Shanghai.

Lately, Sophia was awarded “International Oriental Dance Class A Instructor” by Asia Belly Dance Federation - which is the highest certification of instructor in Asia - due to her achievement in Oriental dance and her students great performances in local and overseas Oriental dance competitions.


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